Espresso maker

l  850 watts

l  15bar or 20 bar high pressure pump

l  Can make espresso and Cappuccino

l  1.2L detachable transparent water tank

l  With safety valve to automatically release pressure

l  Die-casting aluminum alloy boiler

l  Aluminum alloy filter holder attached with dual stainless filter to improve coffee quality

l  Make coffee with coffee pod or ground coffee

l  Make coffee or steam conveniently

l  Safe and reliable with overheating and overpressure protection device

l  Detachable frothing nozzle and drip tray for easy cleaning

l  Durable stainless cup plate for coffee cups preheating


l  4 PCS/CTN

l  20’:        1396 PCS

l  40’:        2908 PCS

l  40HQ:    3324 PCS


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